AutoUpdate Library
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AutoUpdate Library is created for easy implementation of the system auto-update to Windows applications.

By integrating the library into your project, you can create a simple algorithm that allows to update your application (and its resources) to the latest version if you are connected to the Internet.

Last version of the library: (14 Jan 2014)

The library uses the MD5 hashes of the files stored on your computer, to compare the hashes that are stored in a special list on the server. If a mismatch is detected, then the file is downloading from the server, replacing the existing (or creating new one).

The structure of the proposed package with the library include:

     1. Source code of the library;

     2. Compiled Library files (.dll, .lib, .h);

     3. Software to quickly and easily create filelist.txt, listing all the application files and MD5 hashes. (This file is required for the update);

     4. Sample project that uses the library (Visual Studio 2012, C++).

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